Employer: Hire Young Graduates...

jobsinnaija January 10, 2018

Employer: Hire Young Graduates

Why you should give Young Graduates a Chance?

As an employer of labor, you would prefer experienced staff, the one that can kick the ground running. We don’t argue that. It is gratifying to get things running and as fast as possible. But you need to look at the flip side of things, the fresh graduate, and see points you have been missing. You need fresh graduates, just as you need experienced staffs. Here, you are going to read why.

Shall we start?

It is a universal truth that experienced graduates are skilled because of their experience. With the unemployment rate in Nigeria, more fresh graduate jobs are needed. With that in mind, many things are common to the fresh graduate that eludes the ones that have acquired the experienced.

Who are Fresh Graduates?

To avoid confusion, it’s imperative to specify what fresh graduates mean. Fresh graduates are just new to the workforce, devoid of experience and usually holding a first degree. As you read, put these in mind: experience comes with age and most fresh graduates are young (20-33).

Fresh graduates over experienced graduates


Call it ‘young blood.’ They are quicker with jobs. The young, fresh graduates tend to do things to impress. Because they are new to jobs, and are willing to stay (to gain the experience), they usually can go the extra-miles and would like to make an impression. They will put more efforts and will into their duties to cement their place in competitive world.

Now, where does that leave you as an employer of labor?

  • Better performance with or without expecting extra-benefits
  • More jobs executed
  • Time for other activities


Additionally, most are new graduates are young and have the body and the strength to go the extra mile. This can be vital in jobs that demand strength. Think about jobs like construction, mining, mineral exploration. You will reconsider young and fresh graduates.


Experience graduates might believe they have what deserves you should pay more —experience. Experienced employees are mostly changing jobs for more pay. Young graduates are willing and eager to earn that experience. They are more likely to accept lower pay than the experienced. Fresh graduates want experience and money. They will often accept less.

However, the story, for the fresh graduate, might change too, after they have earned the experience.

Working years

Most fresh graduates are young. This means the years they could work is longer than most experienced graduates. Therefore, if you are looking for employees that will stay longer, saving you the stress of recruiting another when Mr. Experienced retires, then young graduates is the best. As they are young and they would last longer, they will also bring freshness, young minds, inspiration, fresh skills, and agility to your company or business.

Leaders of tomorrow

Remember the adage: children of today are the leaders of tomorrow. In as much you are helping to reduce the number of fresh graduate unemployment out there, you are also helping your company. What will happen to your business when the experienced workers retire? What will become of your company? We know you can recruit new graduates later. Why not now, before those experienced men retire? This will allow young, fresh graduates to grow into company system faster. This will help you, because the irons of older workers would have sharpened the blunt new iron. Recruiting fresh graduates also means you are building a future for your company.

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