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Waking up daily to comb job hunting websites and not getting the job can be frustrating. You pray that the next application you submit will bring results, but nothing.
It’s hard. Harder, if you have friends and you are the only one left that is not waking up at 7 preparing for work. You want to stay away. You feel left out.
You religiously read the job hunting strategies you heard your friend used to land her dream job. You read the job hunting tips often in the hope that you will escape the unemployment in Nigeria. But, what happens when the dream jobs aren’t coming? Frustration?

No. you can survive this stage. ‘Survive,’ even, is not the precise word. The right expression is that you can stay positive and not feel frustrated.
This is what you should do:

Get a Hobby

What you want is a job. I get it. But a hobby will put your mind at work that you don’t dwell on what you are missing. Instead of combing and sleeping over job hunting websites, get entangled with something you love doing.

Do you love writing or drawing as a hobby? Perhaps while you are young you used to sing, but as you grow you lost the talent for what you think will pay the bills. How about getting back to that and feel alive again?

Meet New People

Don’t curl up in your room and shut the door against the world because you are tired of ‘We are not recruiting’ or ‘we will get back to you.’ Live must continue. Isolation is a member of the depression family. So stay with people, like minds, positive people.
Meet new people and let them know your problem. You are searching for a job. Don’t be ashamed to tell what have been giving you headaches and sleepless nights. But don’t go about singing it like it is a mantra.
People have the problem of theirs, only speak of your job search when the opportunity presents itself. For example when the conversation gets to ‘and what do you do?’ you know it’s time.

Always be ready

Keep a copy of your CV on your mobile phone or laptop. Dress well always. You can’t tell when you are running into an opportunity. And remember the old saying that appearance matters.
So be always ready and prepared. Especially when you meet new people and they ask you what you do. You are searching for a job. When they ask you what you study and what it means to be a sociologist, for instance, you do something better than explaining like a layman.

Get the basic right or practice it

Do you know how to speak in public? Can you keep a conversation flowing without stuttering? Time to practice if your answer is no.
You can get this right before you are forced to get it right when the job or interview comes. So you can practice by:
Reading books
Watching videos

Some other things you might want to get right are:

A good Cover Letter
A good CV
Body posture during interview

Be positive

Look around you; you are not alone in this. You will see people with better grades searching for jobs. It’s not the end of the world that you are not employed.

Keep the faith

You too will get the job, not because you are tired and frustrated, but because you are not giving up on everything. Read about famous and successful people you will realize they went through worse. The only weapon you can wade now is keeping your head up.

Start a Business

Start a small business with minimal investment and stay busy while you wait for your dream job. Your small business may become a big business and you become an employer instead of an employee.

Happy searching.

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