Inspection Officers

Full Time


Job Summary

The successful candidate will perform all necessary safety and emission inspection on a variety of vehicles, such as passenger cars, jeeps and certain types of mobile vehicles.
He/she will inspect the overall interior and exterior conditions of cars and inspect operations of windshield wiper and washer, speedometer, turn signals and on a need basis, work computer terminal to process and review vehicle information.
He/she will conduct vehicle identification inspections on vehicles for customers seeking to sell their cars.

Essential Job Functions

Scan vehicles with vehicle scanning equipment to determine the status of the vehicle
Comprehensive check of vehicle interior and exterior parts
Greet and direct customers seeking a vehicle identification inspection. Review customer’s ownership records for completeness and to assure all pertinent documentation is included. When necessary, inform customers of additional information needed, and serve as a source of referral.
Conduct identification inspections on various types of vehicles. Inspection includes a comparison of the vehicle’s identification numbers (VIN) with the numbers listed on the customer’s ownership records and a notation of the current odometer reading.
Review customer’s titles for accuracy and completeness. The review includes titles from other states and foreign countries.
Following established procedures, conduct on-site identification inspections for local car dealerships, as assigned.
Complete a Statement of Inspection on all vehicles inspected. Forward completed Statement of Inspection to designated staff for additional processing.
Inform supervisor of any vehicles that have questionable odometer readings or identification numbers or have missing numbers.
Maintain work area, tools, equipment, and official forms in an efficient, clean, and organized manner.
Establish and maintain effective working relationships with the public, customers, co-workers and supervisors.
Operate a vehicle, safely and in compliance with traffic laws and regulations, in the performance of job duties.
Prepare and maintain various records, reports, correspondence and other departmental

Educational Qualifications

HND or B.Sc in Mechanical, Automotive, Electrical Engineering (OND Holder or Graduates of other disciplines can be considered if the candidate possesses the experience and/or skill in the mechanical/automotive industry).


1 to 2 years experience in vehicle diagnosis, inspection or repair
Sound Knowledge of the latest automobile repairs & best industry practices
Excellent knowledge about cars and their various models
Hands-on experience in diagnosing vehicle issues (experience can range from basic to advanced)
Ability to use a vehicle scanning machine
Must be capable of operating vehicles with standard and automatic transmissions, four-wheel drives and constant four-wheel-drive vehicles.
Excellent communication of vehicle reports to customers


Knowledge of locations of identification numbers and odometer readings on vehicles.
Knowledge of or ability to learn to read odometers and detect questionable readings.
Knowledge of or ability to learn the formats of and details contained in vehicle titles from other states and other countries.
Knowledge of and ability to utilize the English language, proper grammar, vocabulary, spelling and punctuation.

Skills Required:

Working with people
Deciding and initiating action
Presenting and communicating information
Superior customer experience
Persuading and influencing
Applying expertise and technology
Entrepreneurial and commercial thinking
Creating and innovating
Relating and networking
Task ownership
Delivering results and meeting customer expectations.

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