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The Marketing Data Analyst will be responsible for providing evaluation, development, and ongoing support to Responsive Educations Solutions staff in critical reporting metrics and provide analytics on ResponsiveEd processes. Along with a focus on ResponsiveEd metrics, the Data Analysts is responsible for importing, cleaning, transforming, validating or modeling data with the purpose of understanding or making conclusions from the data for decision-making purposes. The position will be responsible for improving data quality and for designing or presenting conclusions gained from analyzing data using statistical tools like Microsoft Excel, SAS, SPSS and others.


Education/Certification, and Experience:

BA/BS degree in marketing, statistics, decision sciences, or a related field
2-4 years of practical experience
Experience working with large, complex, and often messy data sets
Knowledge of complex reporting techniques and tools
Experience working in a self-directed environment

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSAs):

Demonstrate the ability to plan, prioritize and organize to effectively manage multiple projects and activities with minimal direction and to complete assignments in a timely fashion. Respond to change in a flexible manner to meet evolving department needs
Strong analytical skills
Ability to manage complex statistical procedures and models
Excellent general computer skills and expertise and experience with SPSS, SAS, and MS Office software with emphasis on spreadsheet and database management
Advanced understanding of statistics and research methodology
Ability to ensure data quality and integrity
Critical thinking and problem-solving skills
Planning and organizing
General knowledge of organizational structure and processes
Demonstrated ability to be a contributing member of an organizational team
Adept at handling pressure and working under stress and tight deadlines.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Develops reports and reporting mechanisms to meet broad-based information needs including metrics, analysis, and for audit purposes
Provides requested or relevant reports to supervisor and other personnel in a timely fashion and utilizing the best method for providing requested data
Present data in charts, graphs, tables, designing and developing relational databases for collecting data
Provides data analysis and project and process improvement recommendations
Generates ongoing and special reports and queries for the department as assigned or requested
Writes, maintains and supports a variety of reports or queries utilizing appropriate reporting tools
Assists in the development of standard reports for ongoing campus needs
Helps maintain data integrity in systems by running queries and analyzing data
Provide system-related support in other project areas as assigned
Disaggregates and analyzes data

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