Full Time

Lead Enterprise Support Company Limited

Job Requirements

Medical Degree with specialization in paediatrics
Minimum of 2 years post-fellowship experience.
Up to speed knowledge of drugs/medication appropriate for children and their side-effects
Exquisite knowledge of diagnostic, treatment and rehabilitation principles and techniques
Excellent communications skills
Valid license to practise medicine
Ability to evaluate data and information
Strong team player
Job Responsibilities –

Conduct regular thorough examinations on newborns and young children to check and record their health and normal physical development
Apply medical knowledge and skills to the diagnosis and treatment of children
Reach an informed diagnosis based on scientific knowledge and individual medical history
Prescribe medications and give detailed instructions for administration
Prescribe and interpret appropriate lab tests to gain more information for possible infections or abnormalities
Advise parents on children’s diet, exercise, and disease preventive measures
Keep updated records of patient’s illnesses, surgeries, or other medical episodes (allergic shocks, injuries etc.)
Keep abreast of advancements in paediatrics and best practices by attending seminars and conferences

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