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Tea Publishing

From ink to print

We are looking for a publishing agent to join our partner’s program. We are a publishing house that just launched Project Nigeria; a project aimed to help Nigerians publish their books professionally on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Google Books etc. We are looking for authors within Nigeria yearning for a broader stage. An agent is required to find authors and gain commission upon contracts signed.

As an agent, you are eligible for 5% of the Author’s payment. Meaning, that if the author pays N50k you will get N2,500, N100,000 contract would get you N5,000 paid to your naira account as agent fees.

Write to us about why you want to become a partner, how you intend to bring in authors, and how many books you can bring in monthly.

We are looking for those who are in strategic positions to meet authors. Like working in the universities where you meet lecturers wishing to publish, or in a religious area where there are churches wishing to publish their religious text. If you know you are in a good position to know people who want to publish, you are what we want.

To apply for this job email your details to