Laundry Man

Full Time

Zichael Nig Ltd

Garment Care: Sorting, washing, and drying delicate and high-end clothing items, ensuring they are handled with care to avoid damage.

Stain Removal: Expertly identifying and treating stains on various fabrics using appropriate cleaning agents and techniques.

Garment Inspection: Examining garments for any damage, loose buttons, or missing embellishments and making necessary repairs or replacements.
Ironing and Pressing: Ensuring garments are properly ironed and pressed to maintain their quality and appearance.

Fabric Knowledge: Understanding different types of fabrics and their specific cleaning requirements to prevent damage.

Quality Control: Maintaining high standards of cleanliness and presentation for all garments and
and ensuring they meet the fashion house’s quality standards.

Inventory Management: Keeping track of all garments and maintaining an organized system for storing and retrieving items.

Equipment Maintenance: Maintaining and troubleshooting laundry equipment to ensure it operates effectively.

Communication: Collaborating with designers, stylists, and other team members to understand their specific garment care needs.

Confidentiality: Respecting the confidentiality of the fashion house’s designs and client information.

Safety: Adhering to safety protocols and using protective gear when handling chemicals or operating equipment.

Record-Keeping: Maintaining records of garments, cleaning processes, and any issues encountered.

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