How to Stand Out in the Workplace


You have seen it. Or you haven’t. But you have heard it. Some job seekers are employed from the comfort of their homes or without rigorous interviews others pass through. Or a staff gets promoted and is recommended for a certain task while others are there, just there.


Many reasons apply. It seems in-built and natural, but still, there are noticeable traits that set such a special employee apart. Know that, if you too have the same trait mentioned here, it means you have the potential to become the type of employee that has five job offers when others are begging for one. You can become the type that is recognized every month of a year when others are sitting in the same office for centuries.

Unemployment in Nigeria isn’t a joke. You have to stand out. To stand out, you need:

  • Where else should you turn your attention?
  • What can you do now?
  • What skills are required?

Those are the things we want to call your attention. Are just getting a job after university, or you are employed? This is for you. The ones we mentioned here are subtle and mostly neglected. Many believed in having the skills. But hey, you need some personality to match it. Soft skills are very important.

Qualities of a Good Employee

  1. Attentiveness

Read between the lines. When you are given a task to perform, do you miss a detail? If you forget details, you give your employer more jobs to do and prolong the time to perform the task. The work will have to be done again and the mistake can be costly to time, money, and loss of customers. Read between the lines. Good employees dissect all the details and even they add some they believe will help in the long run. Next time you perform a task, review it to comply with all, we mean ALL the details.

  1. Absolute Obedience

Read this and share it. Many will read and would not share, because no one will know or hold you or judge if you do share or not. Fine. This mentality should stop. Stop it in the workplace or during your interview. Stop it to escape the unemployment in Nigeria. Employers aren’t stupid; they know who is obedient and who isn’t. These are points that accumulate and form your character and make you special. Obey the instruction to the last point. That will grow the trust your boss has in you.

  1. Goal Oriented

Not just for yourself. Create one for the company too or use the one the company created for itself. ‘I want to become the next manager of many companies,’ is a fine goal. But by then, where will the company be? Have a goal for the company too and do all the things in your capacity to see it through.

  1. Going extra mile

Think friend. Think. What else can you do to make the work easier? What effort can you put in in addition and bring the company’s goal closer? Do it. Do that. Do it with passion, with faith. It might not earn you extra money or the promotion now. But know that employers are watching you. They are really watching and keeping notes, so stay on course. Put extra effort when you can and while you are there.

  1. Speak up

Don’t silence the voice inside of you. Is there a crime someone is committing and you feel it’s none of your business?  It’s indeed none of your business, but when it becomes the company’s business, it becomes your business too. Speak about it. Inform the management. You are saving your boss. Humans can appreciate their savior.

In conclusion

We didn’t mention some other skills, because we believe you have them. Or you know them. But to serve as a reminder, here are some you should have and develop if you haven’t:

  • Continuous Learning
  • Intelligence
  • Punctuality
  • Related skills require for your job

Strive to put those in place. They are necessary and not that hard. When they are incorporated, you are already worth dying for. If there is one more thing we will want you to remember, it is: love your job. Employers will vie for you, and your efforts will be rewarded.